Investment Philosophy

Ardent believes long term relationships with operators, dealmakers and capital managers create opportunity within an often mismanaged and illiquid investment class.  Through our managements’ experience, underwriting acumen, and credit awareness, Ardent invests in market inefficiencies that provide the best risk adjusted returns on real estate opportunities across the capital stack with flexibility in structure.

Under the proper investment capital structure real estate has offered investors strong returns and cash flow over a long period of time.  When applying debt to real estate investments returns can be enhanced, along with the underlying risk.   Ardent focuses intently on maintaining a strong balance sheet at the holding company and investment entity to have an investment advantage in the event of a capital markets disruption.

Ardent focuses heavily on research, especially the supply and demand drivers of real estate: physical space and capital. 

Ardent believes real estate investment involves applying anchored investment principles to an ever-changing environment.  Ardent welcomes change as a catalyst for platforms reflective of the current cycle and market conditions.  

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