35-Acre Mixed-Use Development Moving Forward in Athens

Plans for a new 35-acre mixed-use development in Athens, Ga., appear to be moving forward.

The property at 100 Newton Bridge Rd. is currently home to the former WestClox manufacturing facility, a current Terrapin Beer warehouse and Wayfair call center with some surface parking and loading docks.

Plans call for a new mixed-use residential, retail, industrial, office and hotel development on the site.

The Athens Clarke County planning commission reviewed plans for the project on Nov. 9. It was also submitted to the state of Georgia on Nov. 16 as a development of regional impact.

Atlanta Business Chronicle reported in 2018 about early plans for the property, which is being redeveloped by The Ardent Cos. and Knotting Developments.

The project is being designed by Smith Planning Group. See renderings here.

In 2019, Ardent announced that Boston online retail giant Wayfair Inc. would occupy a new customer support center on the site.

The property currently has a primary structure and two outbuildings, according to the latest summary of the project. The primary building was constructed in 1954 and an addition was built on the north end in the 1990s. The larger of the two outbuildings is a steel frame structure of approximately 7,000 square feet, while the other outbuilding has a silo form.

The 1990s addition has been converted by Terrapin Beer Company for a new packaging and shipping facility. The southern portion of that addition has been renovated for Wayfair.

“The proposal is to rezone the site … for the construction of a hotel, residential, retail, industrial and office mixed-use development,” the summary says. “The application report indicates the intent to renovate the site by opening up the main building, adding pedestrian improvements, new surface parking and eventually a residential component. The proposal is for flexible space accommodating non-manufacturing uses, while keeping manufacturing to the north (existing) and rear. The remainder of the older portion of the primary structure will have a pedestrian network with professional services or office and retail space. Future residential space is planned in new structures along Newton Bridge Road and for a separate hotel building along the southern end of the property. An outdoor plaza or event space is planned between the main building and Newton Bridge Road, which could be used for events or smaller performances. The intent is to maintain an industrial aesthetic, open up space for flow and incorporate current standards for parking and landscaping.”

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