A privately held real estate firm founded in 2012.

Ardent Approach

Ardent is a privately held real estate firm focused on opportunistic and diversified investment strategies. With significant industry experience and a demonstrated track record, Ardent leverages its established relationships and capital flexibility to attain a diverse set of risk-adjusted investments. The firm seeks opportunities with an innovative and disciplined approach, making material co-investments alongside operating partners for maximum alignment. As the firm continues to build upon its infrastructure, portfolio, and footprint, Ardent is committed to creating a positive impact on its employees, investors, and communities.

Ardent Advantage

  • Best-in-class talent with proven track record
  • Long-standing relationships leading to off-market opportunities
  • Integrated real estate investment platforms
  • Flexible & creative investment structuring
  • Investor alignment with Ardent principals
  • Trusted capital provider with swift decision-making ability

Ardent Footprint

As Ardent expands upon its geographic imprint, the firm continues to grow its employee base with team members based in Atlanta, Charlotte, and New York City as well as London.

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